About Bradley’s Animal Place

Welcome to Bradley’s Animal Place.  Thanks to some real understanding parents,  I currently own and care for five box turtles, two cats, a leopard gecko, a bearded dragon, two very large aquariums loaded with fish, a corn snake and last but not least a Bulldog. 
Since I’m no longer allowed to bring anymore critters into the house, my dad thought that this would be a great way to continue to expand, explore and share my love for all creatures great and small. 
Email Us at Feedback@BradleysAnimalPlace.com 

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  1. 1

    Cowboy said,

    Great site, Bradley! I’m learning lots about animals and enjoying the fun videos. Keep up the good work

  2. 3

    Hi Bradley,

    Thanks for the great information you’ve written about animals. My name is Mike and I’m a the owners of several bearded dragons and created a website dedicated for them. I’m wonder if you mind to add a link to my website on your right hand navigation panel to share this information with your readers?

    Thank you very much!

  3. 4

    Mrs. W said,

    Hi, Bradley!
    I LOVE your website. It’s fun, entertaining and educational all rolled into one! My children
    love logging on to learn about animals and to check out all of the other “cool” things you
    have posted. Keep up the good work, we are loyal fans!

  4. 5

    david said,

    hey Bradley its David helens nephew cool website

  5. 6

    Tommy's Daughter said,

    My dad works with u…………………..Tom is my dad! Anyway he should me this website and the animals and stuff are cute!

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