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Egg-Eating Snake

The Egg-eating Snake is truly a remarkable creature.

Some snakes eat birds’ eggs and other animals which are much wider than their own bodies. They can do this because their jaws are not rigidly fixed together, but are instead connected by ligaments which can stretch, allowing the snake to force its mouth over it’s of prey.

Snakes do not dislocate their jaws, that is an urban myth.

A snake’s stomach can also stretch enormously, allowing the prey to be 180px-eierschlange_frisst_zwergwachteleiswallowed whole. A snake which has just eaten a big meal looks very strange indeed. Its head and neck are the normal size, then there is a huge bulge where the unlucky prey is located, before the body tapers to its usual size towards the tail.

Snakes that swallow eggs whole have a unique way of breaking them open once they are inside their bodies. They have special bones in their throats which they squeeze against the egg until it breaks and then they manage to spit out the crumpled eggshell before any pieces slip down into their stomach.


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Would an Elephant Really be Afraid of a Mouse?

Question: Are elephants really afraid of mice?

Answer: No, they are not.  Compared to the size of an elephant, a mouse is so small, that chances are the elephant wouldn’t even have a clue that there was a mouse near by.

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