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Worm Joke

Question:   How can you tell which end of a worm is which ?
Answer:      Tickle it in the middle and see which end laughs !


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Duck Joke

Question:  What do you call a crate full of ducks?

Answer:     A box of Quakers!

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Another Elephant Joke

Q:  What time is it when an elephant sits on the fence?
A:  Time to fix the fence!

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Whale Joke

Q: What do whales like to chew? 
A: Blubber gum!

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Easter Humor


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Mouse Joke

Question:  What’s grey and can squirt jelly at you?
Answer:     A mouse eating a jelly donut! 

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Elephant Joke



Question: What do you call an elephant in a phone booth?
Answer: Stuck!


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