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Has Anyone Seen my Little Brother?

My mom was in such a hurry to get home from the veterinarian’s office to watch Dancing with the Stars, that when we got home, pulled into our driveway -my mom jumped out the car, opened the passenger door to unbuckle my little brother and this is what she found!  

Unfortunately for my brother the Vet is closed for the weekend and we’re going to have to wait until Monday to get him back..  Let’s just hope they gave him some fresh water and something to chew on.


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Happy Easter!!!!!!


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Funny Bunny Pictures


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Animal Place Shout Out!

nalawavetn.gifBradley’s Animal Place wanted to thank Sophie and Emma from Chatham, New Jersey for checking in everyday and helping to make this website worth while.  Be sure to visit us regularly and continue to leave us feedback.  Also, any thoughts, stories, idea’s or questions you may have are always welcome.  If we like your idea, then maybe we’ll post it for the world to see.

Hi Sophie!    Hello Emma! 

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