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Rhino Facts


Did you know the rhinoceros stands about 60 inches at the shoulder?  That’s 5 feet tall!

The white rhinoceros is the largest rhino and they can way up to 6,000 pounds.

Rhinos have poor eyesight, but have a great senses of smell and hearing.

A group of rhinos is called a “crash.”

Rhinoceros can run 28 miles per hour.

Rhinos can live 40 to 45 years.


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Would an Elephant Really be Afraid of a Mouse?

Question: Are elephants really afraid of mice?

Answer: No, they are not.  Compared to the size of an elephant, a mouse is so small, that chances are the elephant wouldn’t even have a clue that there was a mouse near by.

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Hippo Killer..?

The Hippopotamus is the third biggest land animal, slightly smaller but heavier than a white rhino – the elephant is the biggest. Surprisingly, no animal has killed more people than the hippo.

They are hoofed vegetarians, feeding on grass, fallen fruit, and occasionally on cultivated crops such as sugar cane or corn during the night. They spend most of the day in the water.  The hippo, weighing in at 4,000 pounds and more, lives in Africa and prefer rivers with deep water and nearby reed beds and grasslands.  If you ever come across a hippo with his mouth open like he’s yawning, don’t be fooled… it’s not sleepy… Hippos are very protective of there turf and their young.  It’s warning you to stay away by showing you his long, thick, razor-sharp canine teeth, or tusks, with which it is capable of biting a small boat in half.

Hippos have killed more than 400 people in Africa – more than any other wild animal.

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Goliath frog of Cameroon

There are close to 4,000 different kinds of frogs, including toads. They range in size from less than half an inch to nearly a foot long and come in a rainbow of colors and patterns.

Adult frogs are carnivorous and will eat just about anything smaller than themselves, including insects, worms and even other frogs.

A frog’s long, sticky tongue is attached in the front of its mouth and can flick its tongue out to capture its prey with remarkable speed.

The biggest frog is the appropriately named Goliath frog of Cameroon. They reach nearly a foot and weigh as much as 7 pounds. The smallest frog is the Gold frog of Brazil.  They grow to only 3/8 inch.

Recently scientists have noticed a marked decline in the numbers of frogs and other amphibians around the world. Some species are believed to have become extinct within the past fifty years. Causes for the decline include ozone depletion, pollution, habitat loss, introduction of new predators, disease and even a fungus.

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Interesting Okapi Facts

Although, this animal looks like some make believe story book creation, it is not.  

The Okapi’s form resembles that of a horse, it’s legs bare the markings of a zebra and it’s head looks more like a giraffe making this one very freaky and cool looking animal.

With the exception of zoo’s, the only place you will find Okapis are in the tropical forest of northeastern Zaire (Africa).

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Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons are generally considered good pets even for beginner reptile owners, even though they have a fairly complicated diet, special enclosure needs and require a fair amount of care.  Bearded Dragons are very social, easy to handle and can get depressed if your not paying enough attention to them causing their scales to fall off.  Some of these little guys will actually bob their heads and wave to you through the glass when you approach the tank.

Adult size usually reach lengths of 18-24  by about 2 years of age and have been known to live over 10 years.

Check out this cool home video of this bearded dragon waving to the camera…

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Facts About Raccoons


  • The record life span for a captive raccoon is 21 years
  • Raccoons will over-eat when nursing.
  • Baby raccoons are called kits
  • According to the sioux, february has a “raccoon moon”
  • Raccoons can easily unlock doors
  • The heaviest raccoon recorded was 62 pounds.
  • The scientific name for raccoon is procyon lotor
  • The raccoon is one of the primary rabies carriers.
  • There is a fish called “raccoon butterfly fish”
  • The sony playstation game Resident Evil 2 takes place in Raccoon City, but it has nothing to do with raccoons at all.
  • Beavis and Butthead once caught a raccoon when they went couch fishing.
  • Raccoons have a keen sense of touch.
  • There may be as many as 8,000 raccoons living in large cities.
  • Raccoons never den more than 1,200 feet from a permanent water 
  • The name raccoon is derived from the indian name Aroughcun.
  • The Shirt Tails raccoon is named Rick
  • Raccoon rhymes with baboon.
  • If you give a raccoon a sugar cube, it will first try to clean it (as raccoons clean all their food before eating it). It will wash it and wash it until the sugar cube finally dissolves to nothing
  • There are 6 species of raccoon in north america.

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