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More Frog Facts…

You cannot get warts from a frog.
Frogs measure from 1 inch to over 1 foot in length, depending on species.
Frogs live between 4 and 15 yrs.
Toads & frogs eat other animals – usually bugs, worms and bullfrogs will eat tiny baby fish.
Enemies of the frog include hedgehogs, snakes, other frogs, and large birds.
Fossils of the earliest known frog were found in Arizona at the Navajo Indian Reservation. Scientists determine the remains to be about 190 million years old. 
Frogs haven’t changed much at all since then.
One theory of science is that frogs grew their long legs as a way to hop away from dinosaurs.


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Praying Mantis Attacks a Corn Snake!

Wow. I bet you never realized how big and strong some praying mantis’s can get.

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Praying Mantis Facts

The Praying Mantis was named for it’s front legs, that are bent and make the insect look like its praying.  
These insects have a long neck and are the only bug that can turn their heads without moving their body.
Females usually lay hundreds of eggs, at one time, in a small sack. The Praying Mantis uses its spiked front legs for grabbing it prey (usually moths, crickets, grasshoppers, flies, and other insects). 

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